Indian Medical Association is the only representative, national voluntary organisation of Doctors of Modern Scientific System of Medicine, which looks after the interest of doctors as well as the well being of the community at large.

Way back in 1928, while struggling for liberation of the Motherland from British rule, the founding fathers of I.M.A. felt the need of a national organisation of the medical profession. Before that, some members of the profession – a selected few – were members of the British Medical Association, which had opened branches in India to cater to the local needs. These stalwarts, ultimately succeeded in formation of Indian Medical Association and reached an agreement with the British Medical Association that they will have no branch in India, and got mutually affiliated, which relationship continues till today.

Indian Medical Association in the year 1946 helped in organisation of the World body, namely, World Medical Association, and thus became its founder member. As an organisation it has been, and continues to play an important role in its deliberations. It hosted the III World Conference on Medical Education under the joint auspices of W.M.A. and I.M.A. in New Delhi in 1966.

Today, I.M.A. is a well established organisation with its Headquarter at Delhi and has State / Terr. Branches in 29 States and Union Territories. It has over 2,15,000 doctors as its members through more than 1650 active local branches spread all over the country.

The Indian Medical Association Morbi Branch is working as a official Morbi city Branch of I.M.A. Since 1945 having its all India Headquarters at New Delhi and state Headquarters at Ahmedabad . Indian medical Association is a society registered under the societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 Morbi Branch of I.M.A. have a Separate Accounting and obtain Separate PAN for all Financial purposes the city branch thus formed shall have same aims and objects as that of I.M.A. or any additional aims and objects which are not contravening to the aims and objects of I.M.A. The Morbi Branch shall have right to elect their own Executive committee and other office bearers and fix their own local subscription .

To promote and advance medical and allied sciences in all their different branches and to promote the improvement of public health and medical education in India

To maintain the honour and dignity and to uphold the interest of the medical profession and to promote co-operation amongst the members thereof;

To work for the abolition of compartmentalisation in medical education, medical services and registration in the country and this to achieve equality among all members of the profession.

  • Secretary 1945-51  
    Dr CT Mehta
  • President 1945-51  
    Dr J G Parekh
  • Secretary 1951-62
    Dr S L Munshi
  • President 1951-62
    Dr J G Parekh
  • Secretary 1962-63
    Dr S L Munshi
  • President 1962-63
    Dr R M Mehta
  • Secretary 1963-64
    Dr S L Munshi
  • President 1963-64
    Dr P D Sonagra
  • Secretary 1964-67
    Dr M D Daftari
  • President 1964-67
    Dr C T Mehta
  • Secretary 1967-68
    Dr M D Daftari
  • President 1967-68
    Dr D G Dave
  • Secretary 1968-69
    Dr M D Daftari
  • President 1968-69
    Dr K I Mankad
  • Secretary 1969-70
    Dr D D Dave
  • President 1969-70
    Dr Ambalal Patel
  • Secretary 1970-71
    Dr Bhagvatiben Oza
  • President 1970-71
    Dr M D Daftari
  • Secretary 1971-72
    Dr R C Kotecha
  • President 1971-72
    Dr P K Parekh
  • Secretary 1972-73
    Dr H J Parekh
  • President 1972-73
    Dr V R Parikh
  • Secretary 1973-74
    Dr V S Daftari
  • President 1973-74
    Dr H J Parekh
  • Secretary 1974-75
    Dr H D Doshi
  • President 1974-75
    Dr.J G Dave
  • Secretary 1975-76
    Dr N N Kanzaria
  • President 1975-76
    Dr N U Sanghavi
  • Secretary 1976-77
    Dr N N Parekh
  • President 1976-77
    Dr R C Popat
  • Secretary 1977-78
    Dr K K Kaila
  • President 1977-78
    Dr Pratimaben Shah
  • Secretary 1978-79
    Dr V S Daftary
  • President 1978-79
    Dr Bhagvatiben Oza
  • Secretary 1979-80
    Dr Niruben Oza
  • President 1979-80
    Dr N N Parekh
  • Secretary 1980-81
    Dr Niruben Oza
  • President 1980-81
    Dr P V Arvadia
  • Secretary 1981-82
    Dr P R Bhila
  • President 1981-82
    Dr D D Dave
  • Secretary 1982-83
    Dr V B Kacharola
  • President 1982-83
    Dr R C Kotecha
  • Secretary 1983-84
    Dr V B Kacharola
  • President 1983-84
    Dr M J Kharod
  • Secretary 1984-85
    Dr V R Bhojani
  • President 1984-85
    Dr Niruben Oza
  • Secretary 1985-86
    Dr D J Suchdev
  • President 1985-86
    Dr R J Suchde
  • Secretary 1986-87
    Dr C K Sinojia
  • President 1986-87
    Dr N N Kanzaria
  • Secretary 1987-88
    Dr D G Banugaria
  • President 1987-88
    Dr Jyotiben Shah
  • Secretary 1988-89
    Dr B V Aghara
  • President 1988-89
    Dr P R Bhila
  • Secretary 1989-90
    Dr R M Sanghani
  • President 1989-90
    Dr M S Maheswari
  • Secretary 1990-91
    Dr D S Patel
  • President 1990-91
    Dr V S Daftari
  • Secretary 1991-92
    Dr J B Mehta
  • President 1991-92
    Dr N J Bavarva
  • Secretary 1992-93
    Dr A P Budhdev
  • President 1992-93
    Dr H D Doshi
  • Secretary 1993-94
    Dr A P Budhdev
  • President 1993-94
    Dr P N Ashar
  • Secretary 1994-95
    Dr A P Budhdev
  • President 1994-95
    Dr V B Bhojani
  • Secretary 1995-96
    Dr P G Gondalia
  • President 1995-96
    Dr Anil Patel
  • Secretary 1996-97
    Dr S K Ramavat
  • President 1996-97
    Dr G D Banugaria
  • Secretary 1997-98
    Dr Ashok Ramanuj
  • President 1997-98
    Dr D M Kagathara
  • Secretary 1998-99
    Dr D B Maniar
  • President 1998-99
    Dr R M Sanghani
  • Secretary 1999-00
    Dr Sunil Akhani
  • President 1999-00
    Dr J S Bhadesia
  • Secretary 2000-01
    Dr Hasmukh Savsani
  • President 2000-01
    Dr D S Patel
  • Secretary 2001-02
    Dr Ramesh V Boda
  • President 2001-02
    Dr Satish Patel
  • Secretary 2002-03
    Dr J K Panara
  • President 2002-03
    Dr B V Aghara
  • Secretary 2003-04
    Dr Naresh Barasara
  • President 2003-04
    Dr D K Patel
  • Secretary 2004-05
    Dr D D Oza
  • President 2004-05
    Dr S K Ramavat
  • Secretary 2005-06
    Dr D B Maniar
  • President 2005-06
    Dr Aswin Budhdev
  • Secretary 2006-07
    Dr Preyash Pandya
  • President 2006-07
    Dr L C Patel
  • Secretary 2007-08
    Dr Bhavesh Devani
  • President 2007-08
    Dr Dinesh Patel
  • Secretary 2008-09
    Dr Jayesh Sanaria
  • President 2008-09
    Dr M V Vithlapara
  • Secretary 2009-10
    Dr Manisha Devani
  • President 2009-10
    Dr Ramesh Boda
  • Secretary 2010-11
    Dr Alkesh Patel
  • President 2010-11
    Dr R N Ghonia
  • Secretary 2011-12
    Dr Vinod Kaila
  • President 2011-12
    Dr P J Bhadja
  • Secretary 2012-13
    Dr Hitesh Patel
  • President 2012-13
    Dr Bhavesh Devani
  • Secretary 2013-14
    Dr Bhavin Gami
  • President 2013-14
    Dr R M Bhut
  • Secretary 2014-15
    Dr Preyas Pandya
  • President 2014-15
    Dr Jayesh Patel
  • Secretary 2015-16
    Dr Ankit Sinojia
  • President 2015-16
    Dr Hasmukh Savsani
  • Secretary 2016-17
    Dr Anjanaben G
  • President 2016-17
    Dr Bhavnaben Bhat
  • Secretary 2017-18
    Dr J L Delvadia
  • President 2017-18
    Dr Sunil Akhani
  • Secretary 2018-19
    Dr Amit Ghule
  • President 2018-19
    Dr Ketan Hindocha

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